Jess Robison
As Vice President of The Home Group, Inc., Jess has nearly a decade of project management experience, including work in construction, real estate, and corporate operations.
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Jess Robison

Vice President

Jess has over a decade of project management experience, including work in construction, real estate, and corporate operations. Jess has a deep-rooted belief in excellent customer service and solutions-focused collaboration. She respectfully leads and motivates high-performance teams by fostering a success-oriented environment of accountability. Her time spent in marketing and development with Fortune 1000 companies gives her a keen eye for detail, as well as a big picture world view. Strengths include project team management, finance and budgeting, communication, efficiency, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Jess specializes in budget and schedule analysis and development, public relations and communications, and strategy development. In her current role at The Home Group, Jess manages and tracks all project budgets, resources, and logs, including change order logs, RFI logs, and submittal logs.  Jess develops and executes community outreach plans and reviews and executes all program management scope items. She is also responsible for cost estimating, takeoffs, value engineering, and risk analysis. Jess also provides interior design services, assisting with selection of interior finishes.


In her past roles, she was responsible for developing and managing annual budgets and provided thorough and accurate financial reporting monthly, quarterly, annually, and on an as needed basis. She also provided positive leadership for the operations division, in her last position, to ensure efficient day-to-day operations as well as financial responsibility and stability. The sum of her experience is a robust knowledge of construction management, operations, and collaboration.